How we operate

The diverse, purpose-driven people of ATA share a unified passion for creating products, equipments and solutions for those who make the world. Wherever you go in our company, you’ll find uncompromised devotion to performance, innovation, customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

Our people create electrical products, equipment and solutions for those who make the world, and we take that accountability seriously. We want to make sure that we are operating in a way that generates a sustainable impact, and research has proven that purpose-driven companies—those that operate with a mission beyond profits—deliver better results and have longer-term sustainable enterprises.

ATA Group of Co. has made a considerable commitment in this space already. Our sustainability plan, extends across our business from product design and manufacturing to marketing, selling and transportation. We are focused on substantially decreasing our environmental impacts through reducing our operational energy and water consumption, waste generation and carbon emissions. We are consistently recognized for our sustainability progress.

Over the next several years, we will become a much more purpose-driven organization powered by Purpose-Driven Performance which will allow us to continue our historical top-quartile results while finding ways to match who we are as a company with social needs that can be fulfilled by our products, our resources and our people.

We outperform expectations

It starts with being empowered and accountable—and maintaining the highest standards in everything we do, every day. Our people operate with a sense of urgency that stretches beyond what’s expected.

We innovate to win

To reach our aggressive performance goals and stay ahead of the curve, we push for constant innovation and positive change. We are bold and agile, yet thoughtful and disciplined—exploring without limits and pushing to cross the finish line first.

We develop and reward our people to deliver top performance

A world-class company can’t win without world-class talent. And that talent demands a culture where innovation can thrive and breakthrough performance and ideas are fostered, recognized and rewarded.

We use power(ful) tools

From methods for operational excellence to our Digital Accelerator group to enable digital transformation to Workplace by Facebook for social collaboration, we equip our teams with leading-edge, contemporary work equipments and practices.

We respect and embrace differences

Diverse voices and experiences are the heartbeat of our high-performing, innovative workforce. In addition to awareness activities and a Diversity Advisory Board, our affinity networks—for Women and Professionals from across the world — encourage employees to connect around a particular shared experience.

We make positive changes in the world

We prove our commitment to a sustainable world every day — by being a force for change where we work and live and holding ourselves and our suppliers to high standards in three vital aspects of doing business: people, product, and planet


We are creating autonomous, off-site teams that pursue new ideas. These teams purposefully are located in innovation hubs, for easy access to startups, leading academics, potential partners and external inspiration. The teams work independently, but also coordinate and collaborate deeply with the businesses and with one another when ideas and opportunities coincide.

With a powerful culture of innovation and newly established breakthrough teams, we are building a breakthrough innovation ecosystem.

Our dedicated Digital Accelerator, is charged with advancing digital excellence across our global enterprise. It’s a frequent, key collaborator on projects to invent and bring to market digitally-driven, world’s first solutions. We have also created an internal portal, The Drawing Board, to crowdsource inventive ideas from all the people of ATA Group of Co.

Innovation is in our DNA and being expressed every day

Our iconic and trusted brands are known for outstanding performance and ceaseless innovation. We make the Electrical goods and home appliances that help you transform a building into your home or office. We construct and help you construct your home and infrastructure through our brands ATA Constructions and ATA Designer & Consultants. We make the LED Lights that lighten your dream home. And we provide the home appliances that help you do your day to day activities.

Our communities have always been central to who we are. You can trace the roots of our company’s impact as far back as our founding. We have been proud to carry on a legacy that is built on helping every community rise, and now, we have begun to embrace a greater commitment to social responsibility everywhere we do business.